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Astronomical instruments

The period of astronomical instruments: the means by which we seek answers in the cosmos far or near they are represented in artistic form. There are deep-space radio telescopes, who are investigating at distances such that the galaxies are seen only in radio waves; by computers can reconstruct images in color coded. These tools are made with wire mesh, so were used shapes of metal stuck to the canvas with transparent resin. There are optical telescopes, both on land and in space, small and great, but all returned spectacular images. The recorded light can be what our eyes see, but also invisible to us, reconstructed by computers and sensors. There is the great International Space Station, Always inhabited, Always-on experiments and observations. So the man goes beyond their physical limits and it seems right to make a tribute to the art technical tools, old and new, that we offer so much beauty.

* The SUNDIAL URSA MAJOR is located on the outside wall of the church of S. Martin - Eupilio village. The gnomon, stainless steel, was added directly to the wall.