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Jewels period

The “jewels’ period”: we can see true shapes of rubies, diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones with their brilliant  facets; inside the jewel we find galaxies or other infinitely big heavenly bodies. It’s the Macrocosm contained in the Microcosm of a crystal. These canvas are small, about 50 cm, but some of these are modular, becoming bigger.

GALACTIC COSMIC BIRTH AND SEA - 4 unit parts - cm. 50x50 cad. (tot 100x100), flax cotton, acrylic with a brush worked, gold leaf (1994)


GALACTIC X4 COROLLA (4 parts modular) - cm. 50x50 cad. x 4 (total 100x100) - linen, acrylic worked with a brush, gold leaf (1994)