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Giorgio Tardonato photografer

Avid photographer since childhood, has produced advertising services and documentation, including video for public and private companies But only after 2009, the year of retirement, he had the opportunity to devote more time and technique for such products.

  • Uses and has used film cameras, the optical bench,the new digital SLR cameras.
  • Care in its post production.
  • His specialization is the still life, especially for company catalogs.

It only works at the company and not in a studio. Why?...

He guided the choice technique to shooting on location at the companies themselves, with only the need for a space dedicated to the purpose during the time strictly necessary, avoiding all the costs associated with the transportation of products and remaining in contact with the technicians and managers of his client until completion of the work.

Artistic Photography.

There is also a photographic artistic production, the result of digital processing in the reproduction of their works of painting and nature photography. This reference is already mentioned in the final part of the artistic section.